Individual Colors
Inkjet Prints by Ken VanBree

How long will prints last?

HPs UV inks in combination with hp durable image gloss uv paper is currently at +100 years of indoor fade resistance according to Wilhelm testing standards*.

The framed prints are mounted in acid free mats. They are attached to the mats with filmoplast P90 acid free paper hinging tape. The 20x20 prints are mounted on Gatorfoam because it is less prone to warpage than foam-core. Major museums use Gatorfoam to mount exhibitions.

* Wilhelm standards were derived from accelerated glass-filtered and bare-bulb fluorescent light fading tests conducted at 75F and 60% RH. They are based on the “standard” indoor display condition of 450 lux for 12 hours per day employed by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. Illumination conditions in homes, offices, and galleries do vary, however, and color images will last longer when displayed under lower light levels; likewise, the life of prints will be shortened when displayed under illumination that is more intense than 450 lux. The predictions given are the years of display required for specified, easily noticeable fading, changes in color balance, and/or staining to occur.