the color of life
There is something peaceful about a Garden. This one is a part of Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Colombia. The first print I did of this struck me as having a blue cast. The grass in some areas was green, and in other areas was decidely blue. When I compared it to the original transparency I discovered that the the blue grass was in the original image. People assume that I have manipulated this image to make it this green. In fact the opposite is true, I actually desaturated the image in order to reduce the total amount of green (ok Cyan and Yellow) ink in the print.

8x10 Image
Rainy day, King City, CA


 3x5 Images

Butterfly, Cambridge, MA
Grass and Fence, Hollister, CA
Vineyard, on the road to Delphi, Greece
Veteran Cypress, Monterey, CA