the color of snow

This is the only image in the show that was taken from a color negative rather than a color positive (slide). The original scan of the negative to a Pro-photo-CD produced a brown image on my calibrated color monitor. The color strip below shows the progression of stages of color correction required to get the image to its current state. I am still working on getting a version of this image without a color cast.

The 8x10 image below is from the original show in 1983. It was very difficult to print in the darkroom. The combination of the density gradation in the original slide and the enlarger intensity falloff near the edges of the print made it impossible to hold a consistent color across the entire image. Either the center was white and the edges were blue, or the edges were white and the center was yellow. With photoshop it was possible to apply masking techniques to solve the problems caused by density variations in the original. The final print was made on Kodak Instadry paper using an Onyx RIP

8x10 Image


 3x5 Images

Make Way for Ducklings
Boston, MA
Hoarfrost and Leaf
Skier, Yosemite National Park
Sea Gull
Monterey, CA