Individual Colors
Inkjet Prints by Ken VanBree
Why Inkjet prints?
There has been much change in the art and science of photography since I first explored the theme of photographs in individual colors. Early last year I decided to see how close today’s inkjet printers could come to reproducing the results that I had achieved in the darkroom 19 years ago. All of the prints included in the current exhibition were printed on HP5000 large format inkjet printers. I chose the UV ink set for its archival properties (+100 years of indoor fade resistance according to Wilhelm testing standards) and its wide color gamut. The photographs began as 35mm and medium format color slides or (in one case) negatives. The slides were scanned to Kodak pro photoCD by Alpha CD Imaging in Menlo Park. After color correction and spotting in Adobe Photoshop, the 20x20 images were printed at the Marina Kinkos in San Francisco, and mounted on gatorboard by Wing Law at General Graphics. The 3x5 and most of the 8x10 images were printed by Alpha CD Imaging using an HP5000 with an Onyx RIP and Kodak InstantDry UV paper.