Individual Colors
Inkjet Prints by Ken VanBree
Why 10 colors?
I first explored the theme of inkjet prints in an exhibit of ciebachrome color prints that I did at Hewlett-Packard in January of 1983. For that exhibit I took on the challenge of creating images that were predominantly one of a set of ten color. The ten colors that I chose were taken from the engineering color code used to mark electronic parts. The colors, in order, are 0) Black, 1) Brown, 2) Red, 3) Orange, 4) Yellow, 5) Green, 6) Blue, 7) Violet, 8) Grey and 9) White. Since the order of the colors is important to the classification of electronic parts, engineers and technicians were taught mnemonic phrases to remember the colors in order. The title of my 1983 exhibition: Big Boys Race Our Young Girls But Violet Generally Wins, was my attempt to make the color code more friendly to women in engineering.